Investigation & Reports

Investigation & Reports

Mediation and Arbitration

Whenever possible, litigation should always be the last resort when attempting to resolve problems. To assist in avoiding this costly step, PINTO provides mediation and arbitration services to assist parties in finding mutually agreeable solutions to project disputes.

Feasibility Studies

The construction process is very complex and carries an element of risk for all parties. PINTO offers technical reporting services to determine the feasibility of projects and assist clients with their project decision-making. Feasibility studies can include such items as budgets & costing, construction scheduling, preliminary design concepts, construction sequencing, risk management, and other project recommendations.

Condition Assessment

As part of our technical reporting services, PINTO provides comprehensive condition assessment reports for existing civil, structural, and marine projects. Reports can include detailed, on-site investigations to identify areas of concern and risk, budgetary recommendations, remediation or replacement recommendations, construction sequencing, detailed design concepts, and more.

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