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Texas Duct Fabrication
Texas Duct
Texas Duct Fabrication
Texas Duct
Text Duct Fabrication
Texas Duct
FEM Model Duct 1A
Duct 1A
FEM Model Duct 1B
Duct 1B
FEM Model Duct 2A
Duct 2A
FEM Model Duct 2B
Duct 2B

Texas Duct

Texas Duct


Texas Duct Texas Duct Texas Duct Duct 1A Duct 1B Duct 2A Duct 2B

PINTO provided design services for large-scale structural inlet ductwork required for power generation station.  Services provided included the following:  design of structural steel duct walls, design of structural steel interior lateral pipe trusses, design of structural steel bearing support mechanism, production of fabrication shop drawings, production of bill of materials. Project completed in 2007.



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