PINTO is pleased to have been recognized for its work, along with many of its client partners, for outstanding achievement in a variety of areas.

2010 Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor General’s Award for Engineering

This 20 storey, reinforced concrete multi-use structure located in the heart of downtown Halifax had its share of engineering challenges. Our structural designers created a three-dimensional model of the structure using finite element analysis software that included dynamic analysis.  Structures with eccentric offsets like the Trillium are considered 'irregular structures' and only a dynamic approach can lead to realistic estimates of the torque distributions resulting from earthquake loads. The Trillium won the 2010 Nova Scotia Lieutenant Governor General's Award for Engineering.


Project: The Trillium

2004 Tilt-up Achievement Award

In 2004, a major renovation was completed for the Bedford Baptist Church in Bedford, NS, and B.D. Stevens Ltd., along with PINTO, was awarded the 2004 Tilt-up Achievement Award from the Tilt-up Concrete Association (TCA) as an outstanding example of tilt-up concrete construction.  The irregular panel shapes presented a unique challenge in reinforcing the panels as well as lifting the panels into place.

Project: Bedford Baptist Church · About the Award: For more information
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